Ramblings of a Smut Blog Runner
hullo there! i'm charlotte. it's lovely to meet you ... sorta. this is really just my personal blog. so it's composed of random text posts that are usually just too personal for me to publish on my primary blog. if you have anything to say, be it a question, agreement, or hate, please feel free to message me!

i will reply to everything and thus post it, so if you don't want your name attached to your message simply go on anon. or just let me know in the message and i'll reply back privately - my main blog is "rudeandgingersansa" so that'll be me replying to ya!

Someone recognized me at the mall the other day. Like from TTT. She said my name and when I gave her a blank stare back she said “Yeah, smut girl!” really excitedly.





But once she said “Oh shit sorry - tumblr! Hiddles!” I understood and actually screamed. No I mean I screamed. In the middle of the mall next to the food court. People looked. Fuck those people.

So hey Melissa, I dunno if you follow this blog or not - but you’re pretty fly. Here’s a little shout out.

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